Literature review on internal audit

Effective internal control over financial reporting is intended to provide reasonable assurance about the reliability of a company's financial statements and the process of preparation of those statements.

The European literature review on internal auditing

It recommends that chief audit executives CAEs revisit the budgets, skills, and capabilities needed to achieve a comprehensive, balanced, and risk-based approach to auditing, as well as develop a process to advise the audit committee and senior management about emerging risks.

The review is an act of inspecting or examining to determine the adequacy of the documentation.

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Their paper, which examined public allegations of both financial and non-financial misconduct in faith-based organizations, found that these organizations were as vulnerable to such wrongdoing as were secular organizations. Analysis of Data The study was conducted to assess the extent to which NGOs in Bulawayo apply internal controls in their operations.

Seek out the specialized talent you need. Under the amendments to SOX by the Dodd-Frank Act, certain smaller companies, known as "non-accelerated filers," are exempted from the requirement for an external audit of internal control over financial reporting. When second-party audits are conducted prior to a decision to purchase from a specific supplier, the audit client may or may not notify the auditee of the audit findings.

In this vein, measurement of internal audit effectiveness should be considered because it has a role to play in achieving public sector objectives. This represents an average of a third of the total number of members of staff and will be representative enough for this research.

Documentation All relevant MS documents, records and previous audit reports—in fact, all MS documentation related to the audit criteria—should be included in the review see the input box in Figure 1.

The review of documents is to determine conformity to the audit criteria. The method entailed a process of describing; analysing and interpreting the data collected that measure assessment of application of internal controls by NGOs in their operations.

The survey outlines several important steps that should be taken: According to the study, only 31 percent of internal audit functions reporting directly to the audit committee or the CEO devote more than 50 percent of their time to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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This is followed by references and appendices sections. ISO puts this responsibility directly on the shoulders of the lead auditor or audit team leader. Even if the specific requirement is addressed in the documentation, the organization might not be practicing it. An extremely large or small amount of documentation.


The State of the Internal Audit Profession study identifies three critical focus areas for internal audit departments: The following studies focus on governance issues rather than dollars lost [ 14 ].

Intranet access security issues.

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Equally, it is interesting to focus on the model that will lead to the strength of internal audit effectiveness Aguolu, Several studies have been conducted on the internal audit effectiveness. They are external auditing, internal auditing and directorships Anderson et al, ; William, as well as the audit Committee IIA, Literature review on internal audit effectiveness Edmonton Welland.

However, they were significantly less confident with their audit coverage when dealing with risks in the areas of technology, fraud, and strategic or business risks. The client, such as the purchasing manager or director, will decide if additional communication with the supplier is desired and whether a response and follow-up is required by the supplier.

If elections produce a clear result which is accepted by the loser and by the security forces, the current views and perceptions about NGOs in Zimbabwe might change because the provisions of all the liberties enshrined in the constitution would be respected by the next government.

An improvement opportunity might be identified if documents are unclear, redundant, not presented in the most effective medium or designed in a way that does not meet the needs of the organization.

This aspect is carried out by the management of the organisation, as a means to check compliance with laid down procedures. Every employee should be fully aware of his or her responsibilities and lines of authority, lines of reporting and levels of responsibility should be clear. Research into causes of errors in accounting systems has shown personnel related issues to be major causes of error [ 9 ].

Findings — The literature indicates changes in the activities performed by internal auditors. This has motivated this study, to assess the extent to which NGOs apply internal controls in their operations.

Adopt a process approach to risk assessment and planning. Good supervision will reduce the likelihood of errors or fraud [ 15 ].

The Asia Pacific literature review on internal auditing

With these new challenges in mind, PwC believes internal audit must take a more radical approach to change than it has in the past, and rethink and redefine the way it works. With regard to that, the internal audit should be able to achieve the established objective in order improve the performance of the organization.

To identify value addition services required to enhance relevance and effectiveness of the internal audit function in the public sector.

A number of divergent and conflicting trends related to risk assessment are a concern among internal audit executives. Errors and fraud are much more likely where it is uncertain who is responsible for what and who should be reporting to whom [ 14 ].

As a result, public institutions are moving towards higher levels of transparency, efficiency, accountability and integrity in the use of public resources. For external audits, there are several reasons for conducting the document review at the auditee location, such as:.

A Review of Financial Accounting Fraud Detection based on Data Mining Techniques Anuj Sharma of internal auditing system of the organization in identifying on a literature review of existing knowledge on the nature of data mining research [19,20], fraud detection research.

internal audit leaders’ perceptions of these competencies’ relative importance. The article concludes that the terminology used in the various IIA guidance pronouncements and the published reports on studies conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation are.

Conducting a Document Review

Accountancy Business and the Public Interest FRAUD: A REVIEW AND RESEARCH AGENDA Gary PAN 1 Poh-Sun SEOW 2 Themin SUWARDY 3 Evelyn GAY 4 5All authors are from Singapore Management University, School of Accountancy, 60 Stamford Road, Singapore 4 LITERATURE REVIEW Internal audit effectiveness has been a subject of study by many researchers such as Eulerich et al () and Lenz and Hahn ().

Arena and Azzone () define internal audit effectiveness as the capacity to attain results that are in line with pre-set objectives. 1 Remote Audit: A Review of Audit-Enhancing Information and Communication Technology Literature Ryan A.

Teeter, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, [email protected] Miklos A. Vasarhelyi. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, [email protected] LITERATURE REVIEW Internal Audit Effectiveness. Prior research has differed in determining the effectiveness of internal audit function.

Al-Twaijry, Brierley and Gwilliam () studied the development of IA in the Saudi Arabian corporate sector by using institutional theory. They highlighted that it is important for internal auditing to.

Literature review on internal audit
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